Access Station Micro

Access Station Micro is the most versatile and cost-efficient Sigfox gateway to date, created for when your project lacks on-location Sigfox coverage.

It provides an adaptable and easy-to-install solution to expand the Sigfox network yourself - even in hard-to-reach locations. It brings an immediate network coverage to an area, allowing businesses to deploy their IoT solutions where there is no Sigfox reception yet. 

A single Micro gateway could cover hundreds of square kilometers without efforts, such as large rural areas. Its extremely low energy consumption enables remote IoT applications where no power source is available, with a single small solar panel and a low-bandwidth satellite backhaul.  

No contract to sign. No hidden fees. No shared revenue scheme. Just buy it online, install it, and you can expand the Sigfox network for your own use -- and billions other devices around you!

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Video presentation

Technical details


It can be installed anywhere: hidden or on display, indoor or outdoor, in an attic or underground, in warehouses, buildings, shops, farms or offices… With the sealing cover, the Access Station Micro is dust and water resistant (IP65). 

Form factor and connection

With its compact form factor, integrated antenna, and Power-over-Ethernet capabilities, Sigfox Access Station Micro can be easily installed within minutes and connect to Sigfox’s Cloud via existing Internet access or cellular networks.

Power-over-Ethernet allows flexible installation and do not necessarily require professional assistance.

The Access Station Micro connects to Sigfox Cloud via existing LAN infrastructure and Internet access, but it also has the possibility to use cellular networks for quick and versatile installations.

Sigfox coverage

Designed with great sensitivity, it can cover an entire building (depending on the building material and any obstruction and interference), and can process up to 70 000 frames per day (depending on bandwidth).