What's new

We’re constantly updating the tools and content on Sigfox Build.

Sometimes they are imperceptible improvements, such as typo fixes or adding a forgotten word.

When that change is more notable, we'll post about it here.

February 2019


  • New page! Sigfox Device Radio Specification: The release of these specifications will allow a wide array of implementations, and more opportunities for developers and manufacturers of IoT devices. 
  • RC map: We added Poland for RC1. Witamy!


  • Sigfox Library request form has been improved, with several added tooltips.

January 2019


December 2018


  • RC page: We added a section about RC-specific peculiarities, starting with RC3c.
  • The search tool has been refined: you should see improved search results!
  • The homepage has been updated thanks to your collective feedback: the Device Journey is now back!
  • The certification legal texts have been updated.

October 2018


  • We released a new homepage for Build!
  • New page! Sigfox device cookbook: Download the Cookbook, see a few notable excerpts, or just watch Laurence Sellier's webinar.
  • New page! Radio configurations (RC): Explaining and presenting the current RCs.
  • New page! Monarch: A first approach of the Monarch feature.
  • New page! Location (extracted from the Qualification step): Listing the geolocation possibilities for Sigfox projects, and presenting Atlas.

September 2018


Sigfox Verified Certification process has been released on Sigfox Build.

In a nutshell, as a product product makers, you can now: 

  • Create modular designs aiming for Verified certification.
  • Create devices aiming for the Ready full approach certification.
  • Ask for credentials (ID/PAC/Key) to use on their prototypes.
  • Ask for specific libraries when needed.
  • Generate RF and Protocol PDF reports


Accordingly,  the following pages have been updated:

August 2018


  • As a device maker, you can now ask for Sigfox Network Credentials (ID/PACs) through the platform. You can get 20 credentials per device, and organizations are limited to 100 credentials. You will be able to use these credentials during the development phase of your devices.
  • The device dashboard has been improved.

June 2018


  • In order to accelerate the certification process when paying by wire transfer, you can now automatically upload proofs of payment.
  • When a wire transfer payment has been pending for more than 7 days, we send you reminders.

April 2018


  • Device makers can now pay their certification by wire transfer.
  • Device makers can copy (clone) a device.

March 2018

The user experience has been thoroughly reviewed and improved:

  • Navigation menu has been simplified;
  • Devices are now categorized by organization, and you can easily have an overview of yours. It's much easier to have a bird's eye view of your products, their completion progresses, and their certifications statuses;
  • You don't have to define a "project" anymore, only the devices matters;
  • Creation of one or several devices is done via a wizard, guiding you to make the right choices;
  • Creation of variant devices (derived, similar, upgrade) from an existing device is possible and easy to make;
  • You can pay and launch several devices certifications at once;
  • The device edition form only shows the necessary fields to fill depending on the type of the device;
  • Plus a ton of small improvements!