Sigfox Ready Certification

This page is dedicated to the Sigfox Ready certification:

  • Learn about the process and all the different steps you'll need to go through. It will involve a local test house and an online application with Sigfox.
  • Discover the different offers and possibilities depending on your needs and devices. 

Launch Sigfox Ready Certification

Sigfox Ready Description

The Sigfox Ready™ certification tests measure the radiated radio performance of the device. It also makes sure that the device respects our requirements. The certification is a two-step process:

  1. Testing is executed by one of many Sigfox accredited local test houses (see the list of accredited test houses here).
  2. Device certification is delivered by Sigfox through the Build platform. Once tests are passed, your device receives a Sigfox certificate.

Pre-requisites to apply for Sigfox Ready™ certification are: 

  • Your device must use a Sigfox Verified™ radio solution, such as a module or reference design. This process is detailed below.  
  • Your device is based on another Sigfox Ready™ device and complies with the rules described in the “Sigfox Ready™ similarity rules” . This is a one-step process.

Once done, you will receive:

  • A certificate allowing you to register your production devices on the Sigfox Cloud.
  • Access to the Sigfox Partner Network to advertise your company and your products.
  • The right to use the Sigfox Ready™ logo for your packaging & communication .

To launch a Sigfox Ready™ certification, these actions are necessary:

  • Contact one of the local test houses,
  • Launch the certification process on the Build platform.

The Sigfox Partner Network has a an up-to-date list of Sigfox Ready devices

Sigfox Ready step by step

Sigfox Ready certification step by step

1. Plan Sigfox certification and request a quotation from a Sigfox accredited test house

2. Prepare your device for certification, following the Be prepared for Sigfox Ready certification document 

3. Ship candidate(s) end-product to the test house

4. Accredited Test house will perform radiated tests according to the Sigfox End-product radiated test specification and Sigfox End-product radiated test plan

5. Accredited Test house will generate a report according to Sigfox test report requirements

6. Start Certification on Sigfox Build

           a. Complete device information (if it is not yet completed)

           b. Sign Sigfox Master License Agreement (one per company)

           c. Upload report and documentation

           d. Pay the certification fee

7. Submit certification request on Sigfox Build

8. Sigfox Certification Authority will review the test results and documentation and will issue a product certificate (P_certificate). 

Note: If any issue is found during this phase, device maker will be contacted via Sigfox Build for resolution.

Sigfox Ready offers

There are different cases depending on your project and history:

Sigfox Ready for a new device

For any new device you're bringing to the market, you'll have to go through a full Certification Process and Filing. 

  • If it's your first device, you'll have to pay 1500€ excl. tax to Sigfox (in addition to the tests ordered with your local test house)
  • If it's your second, third or umpteenth device, you'll have to pay 1000€ excl. tax to Sigfox (in addition to the tests ordered with your local test house)

If your device can support many RCs with the same hardware, there's only one certification to pay (but as many radiation tests with your test house as RCs your device will support)

Sigfox Ready based on another Sigfox Ready device

If you've created a new device based on a previous one, you can apply to these cases:

  • If you've only changed the module, from the same manufacturer, but for a different RC, and maybe changed the antenna, then you can apply to the "Derived" Device certification. Price will be 500€ excl. tax, paid to Sigfox. And you still need your device to be tested with your test house. 
  • If you've kept the same RF design, but only changed a sensor, then you can apply to the "Similar" Device Certification. Price will be 500€ In this case, no radiation tests are needed since RF hasn't changed.