Sigfox Ready Certification

This page is dedicated to the Sigfox Ready certification:

  • Learn about the process and all the different steps you'll need to go through. It will involve a local test house and an online application with Sigfox, right here on Build.
  • Discover the different offers and possibilities depending on your needs and devices. 

Sigfox Ready Description

There are two ways to achieve Sigfox Ready Certification:

  • Full approach: All Sigfox tests (RF & Protocol and Radiated Performance) are executed on the device. 
  • Modular approach: Only Radiated Performance tests are executed on the device. Evidences of compliance to RF & Protocol specifications are inherited from a Sigfox Verified modular design (module or ref design).

In addition to the main certification offer, three offers are available to ease the creation of variants or series of already-certified devices:

  • "Similar" offer, where the change is limited to the sensor type.
  • "Derived" offer, where the change is limited to the Sigfox Radio Configuration (RC).
  • "Upgrade" offer, where major changes are made but the device remains the same. Typically for product improvement or obsolescence management.

The outcomes of the Sigfox Ready certification for the partner are:

  • A certificate allowing to register the devices on the Sigfox network.
  • Access to the Sigfox Partner Network to advertise the company and its products.
  • The right to use the Sigfox Ready™ logo for the packaging & communication material.

Sigfox Ready offers

There are different cases depending on your project and history:

Sigfox Ready for a new device

For any new device you're bringing to the market, you'll have to go through a full Certification Process and Filing. 

  • If it's your first device, you'll have to pay 1500€ (excl. tax) to Sigfox (in addition to the tests ordered with your local test house)
  • If it's your second, third or umpteenth device, you'll have to pay 1000€ (excl. tax) to Sigfox (in addition to the tests ordered with your local test house)

If your device can support many RCs with the same hardware, there's only one certification to pay (but as many radiation tests with your test house as RCs your device will support)

Sigfox Ready based on another Sigfox Ready device

If you've created a new device based on a previously certified one, you can apply to these cases:

  • If you've only changed the module, from the same manufacturer, but for a different RC, and maybe changed the antenna, then you can apply to the "Derived" Device certification. Price will be 500€ (excl. tax), paid to Sigfox. And you still need your device to be tested with your test house. 
  • If you've kept the same RF design, but only changed a sensor, then you can apply to the "Similar" Device Certification. Price will be 500€ (excl. tax). In this case, no radiation tests are needed since RF hasn't changed.