New Sigfox Open Souce Protocol Library

As a device maker, your interest is in your device and your application. You already know that Sigfox is a good communication solution for your business. What about programming the communication protocol in your device? The Sigfox Protocol Library is the answer. It avoids any burden about protocol implementation.

The Sigfox Protocol Library is an abstraction layer: it hides all the radio protocol details and exposes a set of simple functions. 

Developers can now adapt the memory footprint of their solutions based on use cases, be it advanced communication devices that require bi-directional communication, or simple IoT devices that require uplink-only communication.They can even determine the execution mode (asynchronous/blocking), and the payload size, among other features. 

With “Open Library”, everyone can choose their features in the Sigfox 0G device library and maybe even contribute to the new features of the library! 

GitHub Library

What's new!

Fully configurable design :

  • Minimal memory footprint with minimal features
  •  Full memory footprint for all features  

Configurables features:

  • Execution mode: Asynchronous / Blocking
  • UL only or UL and Bidir
  • Individually selectable RCs
  • 100bps / 600bps (for RC1, RC3, RC5, RC6)
  • N=1only / N=3
  • Configurable payload size