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About Sigfox Build

How can I change the email address from my account?

Management of your account is centralized on the id.sigfox.com service. Log in to this site, then click the "Change email" link to enter your new contact information. Your change will apply to Sigfox Build, Sigfox Partner Network, and Sigfox Buy.

How can I submit a payment on Sigfox Build?

Sigfox Build allows you to pay for Sigfox Certifications, and the Sigfox Protocol Library.

To better understand the process to follow, please read this page: How to pay on Sigfox Build?

About technical content

What are Radio Configurations (RCs)?

Sigfox has a global coverage network, operating in unlicensed bands worldwide. Due to local regulations, laws or other operating constraints, the network configuration can differ from one country to the other. 

Sigfox Radio Configurations define the radio parameters in which the device shall operate: Sigfox operating frequencies, output power, spectrum access mechanism, throughput, coexistence with other radio technologies.

Learn more on the RC page

What are Sigfox Credentials?

To communicate on the Sigfox network, Sigfox Network Credentials need to be incorporated into the device. These credentials authenticate the device and ensure secure data transmission.

There are three credentials: ID, NAK (Network Access Key), and PAC (Porting Authorization Code).

Learn more on the Industrialization page.

Does Sigfox provide a geolocation feature?

The Sigfox Network does offer a Location feature, based on a calculation of the most probable location of the device. It is very cost-efficient and requires no additional hardware.

Learn more on the Location page.

How do I connect a device to my software platform?

Your device sends its data to the Sigfox Cloud, which in turn makes it available to your plaftorm through the Sigfox Backend, using either its REST API or callback methods.

Learn more on the Sigfox Cloud Integration page.

How can I publicly publish information about my product?

To promote your product to the whole Sigfox ecosystem, we have created Sigfox Partner Network, a free repository of partner companies and their products. Add your company page today!

About Sigfox certifications

What are the purposes of Sigfox certifications? How much do they cost?

Sigfox certifications allow the validation of product compliance with the required standards. They are mandatory  for devices intending to communicate on the Sigfox Network. 

Learn more on the Certification page.

What are "derived" and "similar" devices?

When starting the Sigfox Ready certification process, a device can be certified as a variant of an already-certified device. These variants can be:

  • Derived: variations are solely made to support one or several additional RCs, 
  • Similar: variations do not affect the device's RF communication part, 
  • Upgrade: Major changes have been applied while keeping the same model name and same RC.

Learn more on the Sigfox Ready Certification page.

About devkits activation

My devkit is correctly registered on the Sigfox Backend, but I don't receive any message

There are a few things you can do:

  • Check the state of your devkit's token: Go to Sigfox Backend and open the Device Information page. If the token is "Off Contract" and was recently registered, try restarting it by clicking on the "Restart" button on this same page.
  • Verify the network coverage for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Verify the antenna of your devkit is correctly connected.

Note that you can only benefit from the free 1-year connectivity if you registered your devkit through the Sigfox Buy platform. If you have directly registered the devkit on the Sigfox Backend by mistake, you won't benefit from that free connectivity. To reverse this, follow those steps:

  • Write down the PAC (Porting Authorization Code) of your devkit. You can find it on the Device Information page.
  • Delete your device from the Sigfox Backend.
  • Once the device has been deleted (around 1-hour delay), register your devkit on Sigfox Buy using the previously retrieved PAC.

I have a "Could not find a DevKit matching your ID/PAC" issue when registering my devkit

There are a few things to know in this situation:

  • The Activate platform only works for devkits and evaluation kits. For devices or prototypes based on modules, you will need to get a subscription from your local operator. You can buy a subscription from the Sigfox Buy website.
  • Italy and Portugal are not supported yet on the Activate platform. If your devkit is in those countries, we suggest the you select France instead when registering. It will work the same, because roaming is completely transparent between countries
  • If the devkit is already registered on the Sigfox Backend, activation will not work because a new PAC has been generated. Check if this devkit has been used in the past
  • If none of these steps work, you should contact your devkit reseller.

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