Monarch is a unique feature of Sigfox network. Monarch provides ability to IoT devices to seamlessly move and communicate across continents.

Monarch removes the barrier of global mobility while keeping the LPWA promise (low battery consumption, simplicity and cost effectiveness) thus enabling a wide range of IoT use cases:

  • Moving assets: logistics, asset tracking and monitoring, air and sea vehicle maintenance, etc.
  • Multiple-export products: single variant for manufacturing and logistic optimization.

One network, one contract and… one device!

The need for Monarch

The Monarch feature makes IoT devices aware of which local radio telecommunication standard to use. 

A single device can thus lawfully communicate on the Sigfox network even when moving between countries with different radio regulations.

In everyday use, Monarch is transparent and simple: the device automatically chooses the appropriate radio configuration. No human intervention on the device is needed.

How Monarch was designed

We developed Monarch feature with the mindset you can expect from Sigfox:

  • No hardware impact on the device,
  • A unique protocol worldwide,
  • A special attention paid to battery life.

Monarch is made possible through a combination of network broadcast locations and updated device software functions.

How to trial Monarch capabilities globally

To demonstrate Monarch for your PoC, E2E testers are currently available for field testing. For instance, Axible Tracker (plane and ships).

Making your device Monarch-compatible

Monarch is compatible with Sigfox's legacy hardware architecture. No need for expensive nor power-hungry GPS or GNSS components.

There are two options to develop a Monarch-capable device:

  • Implement a reference design solution, such as the one from ST
  • Implement a Monarch-capable module.

Testing your device for Monarch support

You can't always ride a plane or boat into a new country in order to test your device, or simply see whether Monarch works.

To develop your Monarch-compatible device or solution, two device testers are currently available for lab testing:

The device testers can also be used to prepare your device for the Sigfox Verified testing, or simply to optimize your application's behavior.