Sigfox Verified Certification

This page is dedicated to the Sigfox Verified certification. It explains its purpose, and presents the available offers.

Sigfox Verified Description

Sigfox delivers the Sigfox Verified certification to acknowledge compliance to RF & protocol specifications of a Modular Design.

This intermediate label is provided to designs that are not intended to connect directly to the Sigfox network:

  • Modules, which are ready-to-use components, to be soldered to a printed circuit board. 
  • Reference Designs, which are a collection of schematics and Bill of Material documents (including components values and tolerances, PCB layout, PCB stack-up) meant to define a hardware/software design. 

These two are grouped under the name Modular Designs, which are defined as a hardware/software designs which must:

  • be integrated into a device to operate on the Sigfox network (except Development Solutions).
  • fulfill Sigfox Verified modular design requirements (details available in Sigfox Certification Handbook) .

This intermediate label applies also to Development Solutions that are NOT based on a Sigfox Verified modular design.

Why does Sigfox deliver this intermediate label?

Sigfox delivers this intermediate label to help accelerate the device development journey. This is done by:

  • Acknowledging compliance of Modular Designs with the Sigfox Certification Specifications. It ascertains interoperability on the Sigfox Network for device makers who use these components and speeds up the device's RF design phase.
  • Allowing candidate devices to inherit the Sigfox RF & Protocol conformity from the Sigfox Verified Modular Design. This speeds up the device's certification process, as only the Sigfox radiated performance tests are then needed at the end-device level.
  • Allowing Sigfox Verified development solutions to connect to the Sigfox network for early testing and technology evaluation by the Sigfox ecosystem.

Sigfox Verified offers