Sigfox Verified Certification

This page is dedicated to the Sigfox Verified certification. It contains essential documents such as a checklist and security best practices, per-RC modem specifications and test plans, and test procedures with the Radio Signal Analyzer (RSA).

Here you can learn about the certification process and all the different steps you'll need to go through.

Sigfox Verified Description

If you wish to develop your own radio solution based on a transceiver or develop a full integrated Sigfox module, you will need to go through the Sigfox Verified™ certification process. This certification will allow you to integrate Sigfox connectivity using Sigfox Library, which implements the Sigfox protocol.  

Testing for Sigfox Verified™ certification is based on conducted tests to check the Sigfox protocol and the RF modem performance against Sigfox's requirements. These tests are performed by Sigfox SA.

To start the Sigfox Verified certification process, please contact your local Sigfox sales representatives.