Sigfox Certification Baseline

 All devices applying for certification must show compliance to Sigfox Certification specifications from a valid certification baseline

 Sigfox Certification baseline (CBL) is a fixed reference point defining all necessary material to perform Sigfox certification tests.  

Sigfox Certification Tests

There are two kinds of Sigfox tests:

  • RF & protocol tests, to check Sigfox protocol & RF performance compliance. 
  • Radiated performance tests, to assess the radiated performances of the device. These radiation tests will define a radiated power classification of the device in uplink mode. 

Here are essential documents that you should keep in mind when preparing for your tests:

  • Be prepared for RF & Protocol tests (PDF file, includes mandatory checklist)
  • Be prepared for Radiated Performance tests

Sigfox has developed the SDR Dongle and RSA software to help device makers prepare for their Sigfox RF & Protocol tests. 

Current Certification Baseline

 Tests must be executed according to a valid CBL.     

Certification Baseline documents Release CBL June 2020
Be prepared for Sigfox Radiated performance Tests 1.0.1
Be prepared for Sigfox RF & Protocol Tests 5.0.2
Sigfox Radiated Performance Test Specification 2.0.4
Sigfox RF & Protocol Test Specification 5.0.3
Pre-testing with the Radio Signal Analyzer (RSA) and SDR Dongle
Sigfox RF & Protocol Test Procedure (all RCs) 5.0.0

Sigfox Certification Baseline (CBL) lifecycle

As Sigfox technology evolves, the Certification Baseline has a lifecycle associated with the content of the evolved baseline. The different steps of CBL are defined below:

The rules associated to the lifecycle of the CBL are the followings:

  • A new CBL becomes mandatory in average 3 months after being released
  • When a CBL becomes mandatory, the previous mandatory one becomes obsolete
  • From the moment the new CBL version is released, it can be used for certification
  • If a device includes a new feature, which associated testing is not included in current mandatory CBL version, it must use the new released CBL as soon as it is available.
  • Maximum time between submission and granted certification is 6 months.

Release CBL June 2020