Sigfox Education

Every entrepreneur, developer or engineer was a student once. We support universities and schools to integrate IoT into their classes, to bring Sigfox on campus, with the aim to train tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, developers, engineers and expert of the IoT sector. The program supports also professional trainings, to work closely with top managers challenged on innovative IoT project in their company. As of today, we are working with 250 academic institutions in 60 countries.

The Sigfox Education Program is focusing on Universities, Schools, professors and students, but we welcome all those willing to learn and share about IoT and Sigfox technology! 

As a feature of our Education Program, we’ve created the Learning Center to give massive access to our knowledge. All this material supports anyone to learn about IoT and of course Sigfox technology and 0G network, from a technical and business point of view. The Learning Center offers dedicated access to high-level content for our community. 

We look forward to furthering innovation with students and creating a more connected world using the Sigfox technology! 

Learning Center

Sigfoxers, Sigfox Ambassadors, University Professors: we are lucky to have people willing to share their content with the wide public and free for all to use. This guarantees a great variety and diversity of high-quality information. 

Sigfox Learning Center, your learning experience in 5 steps:

  • Discover: introduction to IoT, Sigfox Tech, IoT business case 
  • Practice: technical quick start, dev kit activation and tutorial 
  • Explore: prototyping, next step in Sigfox Tech and business application 
  • Deep dive: technical dive, IoT platform, from PoC to Prod 
  • Become an expert: Sigfox specification, certification, industrialization 

Each step of the journey is presenting articles, webinars, blog posts and videos. 

Our Learning Center is free and open to everyone, so don't be afraid and get started here!

Universities Challenge

As a feature of our Education Program, the challenge offers to practice and develop the knowledge in IoT, LPWAN and Sigfox technology, to university students (under and post grad) to develop projects that will both benefit local needs and drive academic innovation through Sigfox around the world.

More than 260 students took part in the competition in 2019 from all around, 48 projects were submitted, 14 awarded. Winners are coming from Australia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa and Spain. 

Discover their projects here!

Sigfox on campus


The easiest way to get started with Sigfox is to use a devkit and to practice! 

To help you to do so, we provide guidance to drive courses and workshops, through best practices and contents. We also worked together with several board- and chip-makers in order to provide first-timers with accessible hardware.

Would you like to learn more about IoT opportunities and technical matters? Empower your local community with courses, workshops and events!



We can provide developer kits and modules. Each devkit comes with a year of free Sigfox connectivity.


The Sigfox network already covers more than 60 countries! Discover if your university/school is covered on our world map here.

Would you like to host a base station on campus and get started with Sigfox technology? Send a request, and we will do our best we can to help you, with the support of our local Operator.

If you're looking for a quick solution to speed up development and tests before having full coverage, the Sigfox SDR Dongle is a powerful and configurable radio Receiver and Transmitter that emulates the Sigfox network. It works without any network coverage, and works for all Sigfox Radio Configurations (RC).  All details are here.

More information

Webinars: in order to always be updated about the Sigfox technology and business, we host webinars every 2 weeks on multiple topics, during which you can interact with the Sigfox team. You can find the list of the next webinars here. The videos of the past webinars are hosted on YouTube.  

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