Global Stars Program

Congratulations, you've been selected to be part of the Sigfox Global Stars program!

We built an acceleration program dedicated to startups with strong growth potential which are ready to scale. We provide to Global Stars the best support they need to succeed in their international development. Sigfox's startup team makes available all the key technical and business resources to accelerate your development. 

The Global Stars program is a one-year premium program. It is made up of three main blocks corresponding to each stage of development: Build, Grow and Scale. 

Once registered and logged in here, you will get access to more benefits dedicated to this program on this page.   


We help you to build your solution with dedicated support and developer tools.

Custom support


We provide you some free Professional Services credits (one working day) in order to help you to achieve the best performing product at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Design help on radio chip, antenna, battery, etc.
  • Introduction to partners to help your industrialization process (Design houses, EMS, etc.)

Request custom support!

Sigfox Builders' Community


Join our Builders’ Slack group to ask your questions and reach out to other people from the ecosystem.

  • Get technical answers from Sigfox engineers
  • Enjoy cross-knowledge sharing with the community
  • Share your feedback 

We also have a dedicated channel for Global Stars where we share with you new perks and relevant information. Feel free to join!

Learning Content


  Sigfox Learning Center, your learning experience in 5 steps:

  • Discover: introduction to IoT, Sigfox Tech, IoT business case 
  • Practice: technical quick start, dev kit activation and tutorial 
  • Learn: prototyping, next step in Sigfox Tech and business application 
  • Develop: technical dive, IoT platform, from PoC to Prod 
  • Expand: Sigfox specification, certification, industrialization 

Each step of the journey is presenting article, webinar, blog post and video. 

Each content is identified as Tech or Business and qualified as Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert, to help you navigate through the list of content.   

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Builders' Newsletter

Be up-to-date with latest news from the ecosystem! Tutorials, product releases, technical content, device makers success stories... Feel free to sign in! 

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In order to always be updated about the Sigfox technology and business, we host webinars every 2 weeks on multiple topics, during which you can interact with the Sigfox team. You can find the list of the next webinars here. The videos of the past webinars are hosted on YouTube



As a Global Star, you can benefit from preferential prices for your device certification. 

The outcomes of the Sigfox Ready certification for the partner are:

  • A certificate allowing to register the devices on the Sigfox network.
  • Access to the Sigfox Partner Network to advertise the company and its products.
  • The right to use the Sigfox Ready™ logo for the packaging & communication material.

Normally, you already have access to this discount (thanks to a special tag on the Sigfox Backend). If it is not the case, please let us know.


We guide you in the implementation of your Go-To-Market strategy, and help you be more visible.



We want to give you the best chances to enter your market properly.

To do so, we are currently creating a guide to help you step by step with your go-to-market strategy implementation. 

In the meantime, we can coach you: feel free to ask for advice! 



As a Global Star, you can benefit from different actions that allow you to increase your visibility within the ecosystem. That aims to bring you more and more inbound leads:

  • Infographic & News highlight on Sigfox Social Networks: send us the news or content you need us to
    share on our social media.
  • Your products exhibited in our showrooms worldwide.
  • Possibility of showcase on Sigfox booth for free at Vertical specific events – Depending on availability
  • Preferential prices for a booth at Sigfox Connect.
  • One yearly blog post on Sigfox corporation website.
  • One yearly video on Sigfox YouTube account.

Request co-marketing actions!


We help you to sell your solution worldwide and to raise funds.



The hardest part during your startup journey is to sell your solution, because of the multitude of actors involved in this process. We can help you get visibility, with a worldwide workforce pitching your solution to end-customers.

  • Specific promotion on the Partner Network. Help on your company and solutions pages and ranking optimization. To get support on this matter, please contact   
  • Specific Promotion to Sigfox Operators & their local channels partners via a solution catalog. Be part of our catalog dedicated to Global Stars solutions gathering all information and features needed to pitch your solution. Sigfox Operators salespeople will be then able to promote your solution to potential customers locally.



The development cycle for an IoT end-to-end solution is quite long and costly. Fundraising is therefore crucial. We want to give you the best chance to raise funds whenever you need it.

  • Coaching to help you to build your pitch deck .
  • Specific Promotion to our VC partners via a solution catalog and other medium.
  • Introduction to these VCs.

Demoday at Sigfox


Sigfox Connect is the annual event for Global Stars to get a unique insight on Sigfox technology & roadmap and to meet the whole Sigfox ecosystem. We want you to get visibility and to grow your leads entry. 

  • Get a VIP pass to access Sigfox Connect.
  • Get insights on Sigfox R&D from Sigfox management in order to align your own product roadmap to ours.
  • Enjoy a special discount to get a booth.
  • Get a chance to increase your global business through meetings with Sigfox Operators.
  • Possibility to pitch in front of the whole Sigfox ecosystem including investors especially invited especially invited (pre-selection required)
  • Pitch coaching with a dedicated partner.

Success stories

Some successful entrepreneurs using the Sigfox Network presented their solution during Sigfox Connect 2018 in Berlin! Have a look at them here!