Starter Program

Welcome to the Sigfox Starter Program

The starter program is made to guide every company in their Sigfox journey with different kinds of support, from partners benefits to learning content and platform access, to ensure our partners have everything they need to build their product. It is free and open to everyone, so don't be afraid to register! 

Once registered and logged in here, you will get access to more benefits dedicated to this program on this page.  


If you requested it, you should have received an email requesting to reset your password and create an account.

This account is actually your Sigfox ID, that you can use on,,,, etc. 

To access more information on this page, please connect with your credentials on this website. 

You should also have received an API access which will let you play with a Sigfox device located in the Paris office and retrieve real Sigfox data! 

Learning content

 Sigfox Learning Center, your learning experience in 5 steps:

  • Discover: introduction to IoT, Sigfox Tech, IoT business case 
  • Practice: technical quick start, dev kit activation and tutorial 
  • Learn: prototyping, next step in Sigfox Tech and business application 
  • Develop: technical dive, IoT platform, from PoC to Prod 
  • Expand: Sigfox specification, certification, industrialization 

Each step of the journey points to relevant articles, webinars, blog posts and videos. 

Each content is identified as Tech or Business and qualified as Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced or Expert, to help you navigate through the list of content.  

Our Learning Center is free and open to everyone, so don't be afraid and get started here! 

Builders' Newsletter

Be up-to-date with latest news from the ecosystem! Tutorials, product releases, technical content, device makers success stories... Feel free to sign in! 

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In order to always be updated about the Sigfox technology and business, we host webinars every 2 weeks on multiple topics, during which you can interact with the Sigfox team. You can find the list of the next webinars here. The videos of the past webinars are hosted on YouTube


In order to empower our partners regarding communication with Sigfox, we created a pack with banners, flyers, and other graphic documents that you can use to explain Sigfox better to your customers. 

In this pack, you will find:

  • The Sigfox Partner logo in HD,
  • Sigfox flyers,
  • Brochure describing the technology,
  • Ready to print rollup banners.

It is free to download, so that you print and use as many of these documents in your commercial communication as you like.

Communication Pack

You need to sign up or log in to access to this information.

Share your news with us and our ecosystem!

Please tell us when you have amazing news about your company, or something you want to share with the Sigfox ecosystem! We are always looking for good news or important topics we might send to our audiences.  

This could include fund raising, a new big customer, a new article about your product... anything! 

We might use all our different communication channels to spread the message, such as: 

  • Creating a blog post,
  • Creating a video,
  • Sharing the news in our newsletter (10k registrants),
  • Sharing the news on the Sigfox social media accounts,
  • etc.

Share the news with us


While developing a Sigfox product, you might need some assistance. We have different tools to use, depending on the problem you're facing:

  • is a website where you will be able to ask any technical question, and get an answer either from a Sigfox engineer or somebody from the community. 
  • is the official platform to get support from the Sigfox engineers through Jira tickets. This might take a bit more time, and is reserved for people who already have a contract with Sigfox. 
  • is the email address we use in the Starter Program to answer tricky questions from the participants. If you think you need special help, let us know! 


We believe the community plays a big role in the success of a technology and its entrepreneurs! 

In order to facilitate these exchanges, we have set up a whole Slack community dedicated to helping each other, on which you will also be able to meet Sigfox engineers and support team in case you have a question or a problem. 

Come and meet us on the Slack community

Partner Network

Your Sigfox Credentials also give you access to the Sigfox Partner Network.

If you wish to highlight your product on this portal, you will need to fill a company page and a product page, and be validated by the Partner Network team.

Be aware that it takes couple of days before to be validated. To get support on this matter, please contact 

Success stories

Some successful entrepreneurs using the Sigfox Network presented their solution during Sigfox Connect 2018 in Berlin! Have a look at them here!

What's next ?

How to become a Rising Star?

If your business plan and roadmap are well defined, and that you chose Sigfox as your technological partner, maybe it is time to scale! 

Become a Rising Star to join our VIP community and get support in your fundraising with our VCs partners, receive Cloud providers benefits, book one-to-one meetings with our experts, profit from co-marketing activities... and so on!

The criteria to elevate your status and become a Rising Star is to get supported by one of our certified partners. Contact them and apply to join their program: