Technical Quickstart

For developers, engineers, or hobbyists, Sigfox is one of the easiest types of connectivity to start with. We designed the protocol in such a way that it only takes a few lines of codes to start sending Sigfox messages. Through the Sigfox Cloud, you can connect all your projects to the Internet in a few minutes.

Learn how to start sending your first messages with Sigfox.

Development & evaluation kits

Send your first Sigfox messages in 5 minutes, completely by yourself.

The easiest way to discover the Sigfox technology is through a development or evaluation kit, provided by one of our many partners.  

These kits enable users to send their first Sigfox messages within minutes. They are very easy to use and provide an out-of-the-box experience: Sigfox connectivity is bundled with the hardware.

As soon as you receive your kit, you can access our network with no extra work, and get an account on the Sigfox Cloud.

Available development kits

Our ecosystem of partners has created more than 50 development kits to support a variety of customer needs. From a simple Arduino board to a very advanced multi-connectivity evaluation kit, you should be able to find what you need. 

When choosing your development kit, remember to select a product that is compatible with your Sigfox Radio Configuration. 

Please be aware that these devices are not made for field testing, as they are not optimized for radio performance. For testing purposes, some of our device makers have developed dedicated products.

Here are 3 examples of development kits from our partners. A complete list can be found on the Partner Network.

Activate your development kit

To ensure the best experience for our customers, we have set up an automated process for development kit registration on the Sigfox network. It can be found here:

Sigfox Cloud

Sigfox Cloud allows device makers to see their devices and configure how they want the data to be managed. 

The Sigfox Network Emulator

The Sigfox network emulator was designed to allow developers to emulate the Sigfox network for testing purposes.
By emulating the Sigfox radio network and Cloud main functionalities (callbacks), it facilitates the development of IoT applications, from the connected device itself to the application that processes the data transmitted by the device.